The Light Bean

My comics about the life of beans and few peas. The stories Are about everyday life and thoughts beyond that.

Mahdollisuuksia 2018 Design competition

In 2018 I participated to Veikkaus' Clothing design competition with my Colleague Sanna Lehti. We reached the second place in the competition that had over 40 participants. May I add that either of us is a clothing designer, so I am more than proud of our ranking.

Toriaitakilpailu by City of Turku

in 2018 City of Turku arranged a design competition for decorating the fence around the construction work of the market square and I got my work there as well.

My proposal was pixel art of 3 very recognizable landmarks of Turku. Turku Cathedral, Turku Castle and the windmill of Samppalinna.

The installation is not possible to be seen anymore.